About Us

Thank you for your interest in this ministry. Our history starts back on July 3rd in 1981 when the Son‘Spot vision manifested and we opened the doors for the first time. During the summer of 1980 God gave Gary this vision while ministering the Gospel on the Ocean City Boardwalk with Randy Hofman, who has ministered the Good News with sand sculptures on Second Street for many years.

At the time, Randy ministered with large Biblical chalk drawings on a concrete slab next to the boardwalk. We shared the Good News of Jesus one-on-one with many people. It was a tremendously effective evangelistic tool. However, sometimes when people left with their unsaved friends you could almost see the weeds choking out the new seedlings. Also, some newly Born Again believers would return the next night to fellowship. But if we spent time fellowshipping with them, we missed opportunities to tell others how to be Born Again, which was our purpose. There was no place to send these new believers except on Sundays. It was during this time that God gave Gary a vision to have a place available nightly to provide Christ-centered music and fellowship and daily nurturing in the Word that could follow up with those that were Born Again. Through much faith and much work The Son’Spot began a year later. The Son’Spot continues to be a missionary outreach of the Body of Christ, emphasizing salvation and victory in Jesus, through evangelism, fellowship, and Holy Spirit ministry. We praise and thank the Lord for the privilege of being used by Him for these many years.