JATB Testimonials

“Jesus At The Beach was very peaceful and I believe the Lord accomplished what He wanted. The Lord touched many people. Praise the Lord.”

“The baptisms were a great testimony of God’s saving power.”

“While being at Jesus At The Beach, I saw God move amazingly. He touched so many lives and it was awesome to be a part of it.”

“During my visit to Ocean City I’ve learned and grown so much spiritually. During Jesus At The Beach, I learned to step out and be more bold for Christ and do His will. I’ve been so blessed to have this opportunity to minister alongside the Son’Spot. Also, I’ve been encouraged to read my Bible more! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!”

“At the convention center the Lord showed me to move in another direction with my life. Also, I was filled with confidence for going to the next thing the Lord has for me. I was also blessed by seeing my friend become a new man through baptism. I was also blessed through the open worship and remembered that was how I used to worship God.”

“I have had an awesome time in the Lord this week! From Jesus At The Beach to ministering on the boardwalk, the Lord has grown both me and the group. From worship to prayer, you could feel the Spirit of the Lord! It’s been a great experience we will not forget!”

“During Jesus At The Beach God opened my eyes with some things and I’ve had a heart for people and I want to help more and do things more for the Lord.”

“Thank you for inviting us to help in sharing the Word of God and His love at Jesus At The Beach. It was truly a blessing to see how lives were changed. Thank you again.”

“It was an amazing privilege and honor to serve next to you all during Jesus At The Beach. It was such an amazing time to just lift up the name of Jesus and share the Gospel with many people! Also, as I’ve been here, I’ve grown so much spiritually! Before I came I never really read my Bible as much and didn’t really talk to people I don’t know. But now I read my Bible daily (especially my Proverbs vitamin) and I have greater boldness to speak God’s Word! And I will never forget: ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’! I just want to say a special thanks again for the amazing opportunities my group and I had!”

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the Bible and how important it is to know where things are in it. I also think I learned that music is an even better way than I thought it was to minister to people. We went out to the boardwalk and played music and sang. It was crazy how large of a crowd gathered. It was a great opportunity for the rest of us to hand out pamphlets, and several people got saved. It was a really powerful night!”

“On Tuesday evening outreach, two of us teamed up to pass out tracts and pray for people. We handed a tract to a young European woman. We prayed with her about finding a second job (she was job hunting on the boardwalk). Then we asked her if she had Jesus in her heart and she said no. Asked if she would like to and she said YES! Right there on the boardwalk, she repeated after me the salvation prayer. And this morning, she came to The Son’Spot for the food ministry!”

“This weekend taught me that you don’t have to do a big thing to impact someones life and to serve God. Doing something little helps too.”

“One thing I felt God told me this week is if a thought comes to your mind that is not of God we have the right to dismiss it.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in the vision that God has placed on your hearts. My heart is so filled up that I feel like there is an outpouring. Tonight at the dinner I asked a young man if he read the Bible. He said no. I gave a Bible to him and marked John chapter 3. He was so appreciative. When you get that one time opportunity to minister to someone, just do it! We are so glad we were able to sow seeds into people’s lives.”

“I learned how to be in and out of season, again. I feel refreshed as a leader and learned even more about leading on missions. It’s not about me but the ones here who are learning and serving. I can reach more and do more as a team. Speaking into someones life or day is even as effective as praying for someone. Being a light Always. So many nuggets of truth from the Bible. Learning to Love all over again, as Christ loved us. Still learning how to let things go.”

“Be careful what you say. Your words have power. Be careful what you listen to.”

“This week God gave me the boldness not only to sing with the worship team, but also sing on the boardwalk. Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT something I would regularly do. It was very special for me as I saw how the music touched the people walking by. I am very thankful for this opportunity to glorify the Lord and I might even continue with the worship team at my church.”

“The Lord has given me life, love happiness, forgiveness of my sins, safety from the enemy. This week has been very special and has made me a better believer in Jesus. During this trip I saw lots of people give their hearts to the Lord. This trip was very special.”

“God taught me how important it is to minister and sacrifice. The sacrifice I made was getting up early because I like never get up early. I also enjoyed meeting new people and serving for the Lord. The worship really stood out and almost made me cry because it was so powerful.”

“Our group is not going back the same. Our cups are overflowing. He has taken us to a higher level. Maintain yourself in my Word. Coming to Ocean City has been such a blessing.”

“Before I was nervous to get in front of people. Now, I like it and want to get up and preach.”

“A black cloud around me kept me from receiving His presence. At the convention center when I was prayed for, God answered my prayer. He healed me and broke things that needed to be broken, in the name of Jesus.”

“I have experienced the presence of the Lord so real and tangible. The works down here are awesome. There was freedom to do what God called us to do. Change has come in our lives. The Word of God is transforming. You emphasize the Word, Word, Word, Word… I truly enjoyed the presence of the Lord.”

“This week encouraged me to worship wherever I am.”