Dear Son’Spot and Jesus At The Beach Family, Praise the Lord! All my hope is in Jesus! The Jesus At The Beach Music & Ministry Festival was a blessed time in the Lord. The ministry God accomplished was awesome through music, drama, His Word, testimony, and prayer. Although this occurs year round at The Son’Spot, for the Jesus At The Beach Festival we move out of our regular gathering place for three days and go to the convention center during the day and on the beach at night. We gathered in the mornings to worship, pray, and hear the alive and active Word of God. At night on the beach we met and worshiped, did drama, spoke the Word, and testified on the boardwalk stage. The prayer tent was very busy as many sought the Lord. The outside ministry allowed believers and non-believers to hear the Gospel and see public worship of the Lord. The Lord’s presence was there and He gave His Good News to whoever would receive it.