Dear Son’Spot Family,

It has been a fabulous season of ministry. We have just completed a daily ministry schedule that included meeting for Bible study, worship, and fellowship twice a day, boardwalk outreach most days, and outreach meals five days a week. Our full time missionaries were a tremendous help and blessing, as were different youth groups, adult groups, and others who helped us. The reason for each of these events was to lift up the name of Jesus, to share the Good News that God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to pay the price for our sin, that we can be forgiven and reconciled to God, that God has a plan for each of us, and that we can walk a life of victory with God. It was so rewarding to see God plant seeds, water seeds, grow the plants, and produce the harvest. People were born again (including some of the visiting youth group members) during Bible time, outreach meals, and boardwalk outreach, Praise the Lord! To God be the glory!

Good News Reports

“At the end of breakfast I saw an international student at the table and I asked her if she was okay, that she looked like something was bothering her. She said she was concerned about many things. I asked if she believed in Jesus, she said she didn’t know for sure. I told and quoted Romans 10:9 then told her to repeat after me, I believe… Then I laid hands on her and prayed, and asked and agreed for God to fill her with His Spirit and power. She said she felt goosebumps all over her. And later she commented that salvation through Christ was what she was looking for all her life but didn’t know what salvation was all about. She also needed a job and the Lord directed us to recommend her to a Christian business owner who hired her two days later.”

“During ministry time I was able to deliver my testimony and in turn saw the domino effect of two people accepting Jesus into their life. That gave the fire in me some more power and reminded me of the importance of evangelizing to people. Feeding the homeless and international students through this ministry showed me the love of God moving here. It touched me to my soul.”

“This ministry has helped me get closer to God and be able to understand His Word better.”

“This week has been an awesome experience seeing how showing love to the students and homeless brought joy and encouragement to their hearts. Each act of kindness, gesture, spoken word was well received by all and was appreciated.”

“Thank you Jesus! I know the Lord has been working. Sometimes we grow weary in the struggle. God is still in control. Acts 16:31 says, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your family.’ This verse was spoken over our family at Son’Spot over a year ago. Thursday night after dinner My son accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior!”

“I am so thankful I came. Personally I was stretched into ministry. This was the first time I ever heard someone from another country say that they never heard of Jesus. We led the person in a salvation prayer, and they accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

“God opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life this week. No longer did I have to read the Word of God because it was needed, but because I was hungry for it. I finally felt the real joy of a ‘quiet time’ with God and felt the power of the Holy Spirit and His presence all around me. I was able to surrender a lot of things that I didn’t before. GOD IS FAITHFUL!! I thank God for all the opportunities He provided for me to talk to different people about God’s love.”

“I have felt distant from God, and have realized and know what I should do and what I need to work on to strengthen and grow my relationship with Christ, but I have struggled to apply things in my daily walk. This week I have seen and felt how God works in others and how their lives show it. So, I guess I feel a sort of renewal and a desire to give up the things that are holding me back.”

“There is no need to write you about love for each other. You yourselves have been taught by God how you should love one another.’ (1 Thessalonians 4:9) So when I came here I was lost. I wasn’t looking for the God but I always feel it deep inside me. Today, I came here without no sleep I was just wishing to see some friendly faces and eat somethings. But I took more. I felt loved by all, so I stayed. I’m glad I stayed and have chose to listen what you shared. It was inspirational. So the way everybody loves others in this room. I felt like I belong here, even though I’m far away from home. It felt like home. Thank you all. Thank you God.”

“God reminded me during these days that this life is not about me, my plans, my ways, my thoughts, but about Him, His plans for me, His ways, His thoughts, His WORDS! He showed me through the way Bible time was shared so much using God’s Words. He showed be how little do I know His Words. And one thing I want to do as I leave this place and I actually started to do here is to read and selah, meditate on His Word more. A lot! May God help me to read and practice what I read from His Word. Thank you God for this lesson!”

“Last night at Bible Study, we spoke about putting all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. This is something I have struggled with. There is always something negative I say about myself. So I want to practice putting all those negative thoughts to the obedience of Christ. After I got home, a friend sent me a video talking about that exact topic. So I thank God for the Bible Studies at Son’Spot, they have been such a blessing in my life!”

“The Holy Spirit of God gave me the AWARENESS that the power of ‘The Word’, and the power of my tongue have now imprinted and impacted my heart to this combination and the real power of His Holy Spirit inside me. Thank you my Lord and Savior, Jesus, and for my spiritual awareness to both my tongue and speaking your Word against the enemy and my flesh! Also, sharing my witness and testimony (1st time) with a room full of listeners was so powerful since I’ve not ever done that before this week! Thank you Lord that you gave me the persistence and strength to give it.”

“I’m very happy to come out to these Bible classes. I learned a lot here. I’m going home with my new way of thinking. Read your Bible not only on Sundays, but every night. I have some great verses I’m going over. Forgiving is hard. I can’t do it on my own so I’m going to the Word.”

“This was a life changing experience for me. It taught me to interact with others (I’ve always been shy.) I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence here with us.”

“God used me this week to lead seven souls to Christ and encourage many others.”

Ministry Schedule

Our schedule is now Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7pm, and Sunday mornings at 10am for ministry, Bible, worship, prayer, and fellowship. Additionally, the outreach dinner ministry is Thursdays at 5pm. Each week jail ministry occurs and food bags (with prayer opportunities) are delivered to about sixty-five homes. Our desire is to lift up Jesus and to allow the Holy Spirit to manifest and minister as He desires. It is a wonderful thing to be in the presence of the Lord. To God be the glory for all that He has done.

Upcoming Events

We are gathering as married couples to encourage each other in our marriages, pray together, seek the Lord, and to worship the Lord on December 6 & 7. There is also a Jesus Birthday Party on December 7. On December 31 we will meet for New Year’s Eve, February 14-15 for a Men’s Gathering, and March 13-14 for a Women’s Gathering. There is limited lodging available at our building and there is no charge to attend.

Thank You

Thank you for your prayer and financial support of God’s work in Ocean City through The Son’Spot. You and we together are being used by Him to share the Good News, set the captive free, and shine as stars among the people. God bless you, we pray, because of your faithfulness to Him. Visit the web site to see many pictures from this year’s ministry. You can also listen online to many of the gatherings at The Son’Spot. And a reminder that if you shop on AmazonSmile and select “Son Spot Ministries Incorporated” as your charity choice, Amazon will make a donation to this ministry. It’s ALL about HIM,

  • Gary and Cathy