We gather everyday (except Wednesday) at 10am for sharing the Word and prayer, then complete work projects, and at 5pm go on the boardwalk for outreach ministry. We gather again at 8pm for Bible, prayer, worship, and fellowship. (Tuesdays are Game Nights). Additionally, the food outreach ministry includes dinner on Thursdays at 5:30pm, and breakfast on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30am. Each week we also deliver food bags to area homes. We meet on Sunday mornings from 10am to noon. You can listen to some of the worship nights and the Sunday meetings at SonSpot.org .

Our desire at every occasion is to lift up the name of Jesus (John 12:32) and for God to move and minister as HE desires. Zechariah 4:6 says, “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord”.

Good News Reports From Visiting Ministry Teams

“Once again I was privileged to be able to serve at Son’Spot. We had a lot of different cultures this year as well as some from last year. We pray many blessings and favor over Son’Spot and are believing this will be a special year of favor and answered prayer. Your years of service have impacted so many lives, including mine. Thank you so very much for allowing us to come beside you and serve our wonderful Lord!”

“The Bible studies have been a blessing, as usual. One thing that was mentioned a lot this week is the importance of starting everyday with scripture. Although I usually do that most days, I almost never start my days with scripture if I’m very busy right from the moment I get up. But it is important (like Jesus says in Matthew 4:4, as was often mentioned), so I know I need to start making time to do that even if I don’t have time to read much or even if I have to get up a bit earlier than I normally would. Praise the Lord that He will help me get in the habit of starting my days with His Word!”

“I was used by God to be light to the students whom I spoke with. I was able to give my testimony on several occasions. I made a decision (re-dedicated) to make my scripture reading and meditation a top priority. I had allowed other things to take precedence in the past. Now I realize God’s Word is mandatory! God used this time for me to fully focus on Him without distractions. The Bible studies were great, reinforcing scripture verses I needed. I was able to speak life into other peoples lives (believers, students, and homeless).”

“I realized that we are the church, working together serving together in love.”

“At breakfast I asked a man how he was doing. He said he was having a difficult time of it, suffering from PTSD. We prayed with him and the next morning he came back and his entire demeanor was significantly improved. A big thank you for providing the privilege to come down to Son’Spot and bring Jesus’ love with us to share with those in great need of tangible food and also spiritual food for the soul. We were truly blessed.”

“As we were walking to the sand sculptures on the boardwalk, we carried a sign that said, ‘How Can We Pray For You”? A young man ran up to us and asked us to pray for his son.”

“While at the sand sculptures I held the prayer sign. Three young ladies approached and asked if I would pray with them and pray for their school and graduates for this year. I prayed that the Lord would be glorified by the graduates this year and that they would seek Him, give glory to God for what He will do for them, and for safety for all the students and families as they go into the world after completion of their studies. The girls said amen, and thanked me for praying with them.”

“This is my second summer on a team coming to Son’Spot for a week. Although at times it was physically difficult and I felt I needed to take a break, instead I kept going. The thing about this ministry is there are tasks that anyone can do. I am more on the quiet side but still felt used by God, which is the primary reason I came. I want to serve Him. God willing I will be back.”

“Two students from Europe spoke to us at the sand sculptures. We shared the meaning of the cross that had been sculptured in the sand. They had never heard of God, Jesus, or the cross. They shared that no one had welcomed them until this encounter on the boardwalk.”

From one of our full-time missionaries: “I am so glad and grateful to God about all this time that I was here. The Lord helped me to share the Good News with a girl from Asia. Since the first time when I spoke to her I felt connected with her. She seemed that she wants to know God. She asked me to help her to study together from the Bible so that she will understand and that will help her to improve her English. She was impressed by the people from Son’Spot and she even expressed her desire to help us in the kitchen. When God led me to tell her the Gospel she was so open hearted and she said that ‘maybe God told you to say about Him to me, because I didn’t know Him before, nor in my country’. She is reading from the Bible by herself and tries to understand. Of course, it is the Holy Spirit that is leading and teaching and helping her. I am praying for her to have a personal deep relationship with Jesus. Also another student came to pick up her bike that we repaired, and she was really impressed and really grateful that we were able to help her. I told her that everything we do is because of God’s love for us and because God called us to love people. She said she never met such good people in her country and she started to cry telling me that she felt touched by us all and she sees me as her sister she never had. I am praying for her that she will meet up with Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.”

Thank You

We invite you to visit our web site at SonSpot.org for history, pictures, audio recordings, donations, and more. There are a lot of expenses this summer and we greatly appreciate your financial and prayerful support of what God is doing here in Ocean City. We give Him all the glory! We pray for the substance of God, His anointing, presence, and Word in your life. Jesus Is Lord!