Good News Reports From Last Year’s Jesus At The Beach Festival

Our theme verse is John 12:32, “Jesus said, and I, if I be lifted up … will draw all men unto me.” So that’s the reason we do everything that we do, to lift up the name of Jesus.

“In the week of Jesus At The Beach I believe God touched many people, performed miracles, healed people, and answered prayers. Just being a testament for those at the beach during the baptism was a special experience for me. Also praying for the needs of people in the prayer tent on the beach was a great experience. I believe God is doing incredible things through this ministry. If God can give it to you, I believe God will give it through you.”

“This missionary trip encouraged me to be a better leader. This is my first time coming. Seeing the souls being ministered to is one of the greatest feelings. I came to serve for the kingdom. I was not expecting to be on stage and minister with the worship team. I love playing different instruments for the Lord and I love being a blessing through worshiping. God bless you all and continue showing Christ through this ministry.”

“This trip both opened my eyes and made me see what the bigger picture was to abide in what He has for us and what He has planned for our lives. If we don’t abide in Him, He won’t fulfill what we want or what He wants in our lives.”

“During the dance we felt the presence of the Lord. The music led me to rejoice in the presence of God.”

“Over the past week, I got to witness God moving in a powerful way. This is my fourth time visiting and probably my most memorable. I was given the opportunity to minister for the Lord and touch people’s hearts. I felt renewal, especially dancing with a team that gives so much energy and is just dripping with the anointing of the Spirit. I’m happy to have served His kingdom and do His work.”

“This trip opened my eyes to see what the true gospel is. This is my fourth time coming to Ocean City but this time the Lord showed me what truly is the Holy Doctrine and to be anointed and be in one spirit with Jesus! It was wonderful serving the community! Seeing the souls come to Jesus was amazing!”

“I loved the prophetic moments in the Convention Center. God was moving in me in a mighty way!“

“I experienced a revival by the Holy Spirit through dances, songs, and preaching.”

“God gave me the opportunity to share His word out on the boardwalk. I was able to share scripture and give God glory. God allowed me to mature in His word.”

“This trip blessed me and my church in many ways. It made us closer as a family and closer to God.”

“God showed me to rest, rest, rest. I do not need to respond to every comment or situation. Listen, be led by the Holy Spirit. He showed me to clearly explain salvation by reading Romans 10:9-10 to the crowd.”

We praise and thank the Lord for all the ministry He accomplished during the festival.

This Year’s Jesus At The Beach Festival

The twenty-eigth annual JESUS AT THE BEACH MUSIC & MINISTRY FESTIVAL will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, July 25, 26, & 27, 2022. The Festival will begin each day at 10am until approximately 1pm at the Ocean City Convention Center (ROOM 217 – second floor, last room at end of right hallway) with praise, worship, dance, drama, testimony, preaching, prayer, and Holy Spirit ministry. The afternoons are free to enjoy fellowship with one another. Each night from 7pm to 10pm on the beach at North Division/Caroline Street, we will invite the Lord to minister through praise music, dance, drama, testimony, and one-on-one sharing. A baptism service is planned for Wednesday, following the meeting, at approximately 1pm, in the ocean near the Convention Center. If rain prevents us from being outside, the evening ministry will relocate to the Convention Center. Please pray for good weather.

For more information, to listen to recordings from last year, or to see pictures of prior festivals, please visit our web page at .

Although all the ministry teams are volunteer, funds are needed for the Convention Center and beach stage rental, sound equipment, security, and other related expenses. Please prayerfully consider participating financially in this opportunity to communicate the Good News of Jesus to the thousands walking down the boardwalk. There is no charge to participate at any of these ministry events.

We have enclosed two fliers, one for you and one to display at your church fellowship. Please pray that God’s will be accomplished concerning the preparation, provision, and manifestation of this year’s JESUS AT THE BEACH FESTIVAL. We hope you are planning to attend. Bring a beach chair or blanket to sit on at the beach. Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM! Blessings, Anointing, and Substance in Jesus, we pray,

                            Gary and Cathy