Upcoming Men’s, Women’s and Other Ministry Gatherings:

We are hosting a Men’s Gathering at The Son’Spot on Friday night, February 16th at 7pm and Saturday morning, February 17th at 10am. Also we are hosting a Women’s Gathering at The Son’Spot on Friday night, March 8th at 7pm and Saturday morning, March 9th at 10am. The only designated speaker will be the Holy Spirit. It will be a time of seeking the Lord, with worship, Word, fellowship, prayer, and ministry. There is no charge for these gatherings. Please prayerfully consider attending. God will change your life! We have limited lodging available at The Son’Spot.

There is a Cross Walk down the boardwalk on Good Friday, March 29th at noon. Sunrise Service on Resurrection Day, March 31st at 6am. National Day of Prayer is in front of City Hall on May 2nd at noon. The Jesus At The Beach Music & Ministry Festival will be on July 29, 30, & 31, 2024. Everyday ministry at The Son’Spot starts June 3rd until August 31st.

Thank You

We are so thankful for God’s provision through you. We don’t take you for granted but absolutely appreciate you. Thank you for your prayerful, financial, and ministry participation. We pray that God blesses you because of your faithfulness to Him. Please continue to pray with us for God’s will to be accomplished everyday. We are currently arranging the full-time missionaries for the summer and also scheduling the weekly visiting groups.

We pray you have a blessed year. More of HIS WORD in your life, yes more in 2024.

It’s ALL About HIM,

Gary and Cathy