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Dear Son’Spot and Jesus At The Beach Family,

Praise the Lord! All my hope is in Jesus! The Jesus At The Beach Music & Ministry Festival was a blessed time in the Lord. The ministry God accomplished was awesome through music, drama, His Word, testimony, and prayer. Although this occurs year round at The Son’Spot, for the Jesus At The Beach Festival we move out of our regular gathering place for three days and go to the convention center during the day and on the beach at night. We gathered in the mornings to worship, pray, and hear the alive and active Word of God. At night on the beach we met and worshiped, did drama, spoke the Word, and testified on the boardwalk stage. The prayer tent was very busy as many sought the Lord. The outside ministry allowed believers and non-believers to hear the Gospel and see public worship of the Lord. The Lord’s presence was there and He gave His Good News to whoever would receive it.

On Wednesday we baptized several people in the ocean. We praised the Lord in song, preached the Word about salvation, baptism, and living in God’s Spirit. As the people were being led into the water each one was counseled and prayed with. A crowd gathered, listened to the praise music, and was a witness to the public demonstration of becoming a new creation in Christ. Praise the Lord. It was a blessing.

Good News Reports From Jesus At The Beach Festival

“Jesus At The Beach was once again a special time dedicated to Jesus in worship, the Word and ministry. Everyday the ministry of hope in Christ came through in many different ways because the Holy Spirit had liberty to flow in people’s lives.” “As we met each morning in the Convention Center, the Hope & Love of God was so overwhelming! His Love shined thru giving each person a fresh Hope in His Love. Then in the evenings on the beach, there was such joy in His Presence. We surely saw the joy of the Lord bringing strength and health as people praised and worshiped and shared testimonies of the Lord. To God be the glory! “It is always a blessing to be part of this beautiful ministry. Thank you guys so much. I shared my testimony about the potter and how the Lord worked in my life and how the Lord remade my faith. I learned that ‘ALL MY HOPE IS IN JESUS’. We have a time of fasting every morning as a group during the three days of Jesus At The Beach, and during that time the Lord taught us to keep united and humble, to look for His presence and adore Him in Spirit and truth. I feel that the Lord allows me to grow and praise him with freedom. Every year I come I can see it in my life. There is always a great testimony to share in reference of being here, also a good memory, funny stories, and of course a Bible verse and phrase: ‘All my Hope is in Jesus’, ‘Just do it’, and ‘If you mess up confess up’. Thank you and God Bless You. We love you all.” “On Tuesday morning in the convention center I led worship for the first part of the meeting. I’ve led worship countless times over the years, but that morning there was something so special that the Holy Spirit was moving in. The musicians came together with such unity and the room was filled with people who were genuinely worshiping the Lord. We all experienced the love of the Father that morning. I will never forget how my spirit just soared with the Lord, and how all my burdens of life completely left me during that time of worshiping in Spirit and in truth. Praise God for the Jesus At The Beach Festival!” “Through the week, even though I mainly was working on back work, it’s been clear that every part matters. Without the mic stands, speakers, or wires the whole event wouldn’t be the same. Some tasks may be a bit more annoying or boring than others, but they are important. That has been made clear to me, seeing how with each job done makes the next part flow and work like a well oiled machine.” “I learned that I need to just trust God and give Him my whole heart. He’s shown me along the way that I can’t take things into my own hands. Without Him I would perish. I learned that temptation comes from our own evil desires and we need to walk away from the things of this world and give it all to God. Over this trip God has shown me a way out of my own darkness. For God so loved the world that he have his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16” “During this trip to Ocean City God really showed up for all of us. Many lives were touched through the praise dances, skits, and worship. God touched my life personally. God really showed up during Jesus At The Beach and I can’t wait to be a part of the event and the Son’Spot for years to come.” “This was my first time doing Jesus At The Beach. There was loads to do and it was a rewarding experience. A main theme I kept hearing while out here is that God has done and does so much for us and just to do this little bit for Him this week is the least that we can do. To that, I can truly say Amen! Doing His work is a privilege” “First I want to say Thank You to God for the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful, joyful event. God used me as a vessel to give my testimony and to bring healing and hope to His people. To God be all the honor and glory!!! Lord order my steps to do your will.”

Prayer Ministry On The Beach

The following were some of the needs that we prayed over in the Prayer Tent on the beach:

  • Direction and healing needed along with family members needing salvation.
  • Someone who helps minister in a prayer tent in PA came into the tent for prayer for a boost and wanting to experience prayer in the prayer tent in OC.
  • Ministry & prayer for a man who was recently out of prison. Needed prayer for addictions. He wants to know Jesus. Struggling with his past and bondages holding him back.
  • Another needed healing, encouragement and direction.
  • Pain in body – prayed for healing & relief.
  • Direction needed.
  • Young woman for direction as she returned home. Needing addictions broke off her life and also needing new friends back home that are Christians.
  • Young man with a burden for unsaved family & friends.
  • A pastor & his wife dealing with dissension in the church. Came in with a frown & left with a smile!
  • Pain in body & needing healing. Also for husband to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Healing & financial provision.
  • Healing from hurts & disappointments.
  • A couple in life transitions and changes and for husband’s new job.
  • Encouragement and healing for wife.
  • Many people just wanted to be prayed over with the Spirit’s leading and/or a specific word from the Holy Spirit.
  • Also, quite a few people wanted the blessings of God on their lives.
  • The altar service at the Convention Center – many set free from bondages.

We praise and thank the Lord for all the ministry He accomplished during the festival.

Same Ministry Year Round At Son’Spot

God’s work here in Ocean City goes on year round. In the summer we meet six days a week and in the winter (starting September 16th) we meet four days a week at The Son’Spot for Bible, prayer, worship, and fellowship. The winter schedule is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am. There is also an outreach dinner on Thursdays at 5pm.

Upcoming Events

We are gathering as married couples to encourage each other in our marriages, pray together, seek the Lord, and to worship the Lord on December 7 & 8. There is also a Jesus Birthday Party on December 8. On December 31 we will meet for New Year’s Eve, February 15-16 for a Men’s Gathering, and March 15-16 for a Women’s Gathering. There is limited lodging available at our building and there is no charge to attend.

Thank You

All of us at The Son’Spot and Jesus At The Beach thank each of you for your prayerful, financial, and ministry participation. We pray that God blesses you because of your faithfulness to Him. The twenty-fifth annual Jesus At The Beach Music & Ministry Festival is planned for July 29, 30, & 31, 2019. You can listen online to the meetings from the convention center and many of the gatherings at The Son’Spot by going to our new websites and You can also see pictures from this year’s festival and summer ministry at The Son’Spot. We hope to see you soon. BLESSINGS, ANOINTING, and SUBSTANCE, in JESUS, we pray,

Gary and Cathy

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4